The tradition of tattooing,

but different.

Dear You Tattoo was founded in 2017 by Amber Lea with a sole purpose of providing clients with a safe space to be tattooed in!

We have multiple artists that offer many styles of tattooing. The artists all have one thing in common: they are all patient, caring, thoughtful advocates with the crazy notion that you are a person and not an object.

If for some reason we cannot help you with your preferred style, we will refer you to another TRUSTED member of the tattoo community. We believe that you should have access to people that will respect you, your art choices and the boundaries between client and artist. For this reason, we prefer to do business exclusively in person or through our website and we avoid the use of DMs. Please do not take it to heart that we do not answer work related messages on our pages, it is simply to make sure you get courteous, thorough responses and limit any confusion or misunderstandings.

Our convenient location on the Kansas City, Kansas side of Midtown allows easy access for both Missouri and Kansas clients. We have a small parking lot on the South side of our building, marked with a “tattoo parking” sign, and street parking is available on 45th Ave.

If you have any questions, please call our studio during business hours Tuesday-Saturday 12PM - 7PM (we are closed Sunday and Monday) and speak to our dedicated shop manager, who is there to help!

Our Portfolio

Our Artists


Dear You Tattoo's creator and shop owner. Thoroughly enjoys including botanical elements in her designs.


Licensed tattoo artist for eleven years. Loves tattoos with natural elements.


Tattoo artist, adores surrealism and everything dot-work based.


8 year traditional & neo-traditional veteran.


Experienced artist, with a love for watercolor.


Tattoo artist specializing in blackwork or color illustrational tattoos.


A tattoo artist that focuses on kawaii animals and anything fine line with black and gray.

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