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Hey, I’m Amber Lea! I basically grew up in KC, even though I’ve moved and traveled around quite a bit. I like to ride motorcycles, travel with my husband and tend plants in my down time(even though sometimes I don’t have a lot of it). My tattoo journey started like most folks; getting tattooed! I spent my late teens and majority of my twenties working on cars and collecting tattoos until the door was opened to me to become a tattooer in 2010. It’s been a ride, I never thought I’d own my own studio! I’ve gained such a wonderful group of clients and coworkers. I just have so much love for my community. I am happy to tattoo nearly almost any style of tattoo, although I excel in heavy line work and black work. Nature, geometry and witchcraft inspire me, but I’m always excited to create for my clients. I strive to push my work to get better every year, and hope to continue to provide people with cool body art in a safe space for many years to come.

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