Frequently Asked Questions

  • What should I do before I get a tattoo?
    Good question! We actually have precompiled pre-service information located in this form: Pre-Service Information
  • How do I book an appointment?
    Booking an appointment requires a submission of a request form. From there, we assign you an artist, or you choose one, and we go from there by taking a small deposit to hold your appointment. The deposit will be applied to the cost of your tattoo at the time of service. If you prefer to speak with an artist prior to booking an appointment, please have an artist in mind so we can schedule a consultation. All scheduling must be done either over the phone, or in person as it's difficult to keep track of dates offered in email.
  • Why don't you do consultations over the phone?
    We don't do consultations over the phone because we find that a lot gets lost in translation when the visual aspect is removed. We book appointments with an in-person consultation or request form since it allows us to give you a proper price point, and for us to better understand placement and sizing. There are instances in which a request form isn't enough due to a lack of information provided, or because we want to better understand what you're wanting. We don't do consultations over Zoom or any other video service due to internet issues in the past.
  • Do you tattoo minors?
    Yes, we tattoo folks as young as 16 with parental consent and supporting documentation. Parents are required to be present during the consultation and during our time of service. We require the following documentation to be filled out and notarized: Minor Consent Form
  • Do you guys take walk-ins?
    We have always scheduled walk-in dates throughout the year, but they're not on a consistent basis. As always, they're first come first serve, and we try to keep to smaller, simpler designs. We put a sign up sheet out around 10 am, but you must come in person to get on the list. As a general rule, we don't tatoo hands, faces, or necks as a walk-in. Sometimes, walk-in dates are used for rescheduleing if a sick day were to pop up. We recommend calling us the day prior or checking our Instagram to see if they're still happening!
  • What if I want to change my design?
    You're more than welcome to change your mind on the content of your tattoo! Please notify us of any info regarding any updates or at least 10 days prior to your appointment via our email, or call us to set up a consultation with the artist you booked with! We also do allow a small amount of time to make any small changes.
  • Can I see my design before the appointment?
    We have a general policy where we don't send artwork online. You're welcome to schedule a consultation so that you can speak one on one with your artist about your design, but you will see your design at the time of your tattoo appointment if you were to schedule one. The idea is that the consultation, be it in person or the correspondence done via our form, provides enough information to design something curated to you and for you. You can schedule a consultation by reaching us during our shop hours at (913) 831-8833, Tuesday through Saturday 12-7PM.
  • What forms of payment do you accept?
    We accept both cash and card!
  • I'm afraid that I'll pass out. What happens if I do?
    Our artists have experience with these sorts of things. Preparation is key; be well hydrated! Please bring your drink of choice at the time of your appointment, and make sure you drink water before your appointment. Do not come in hung over. Make sure you eat within three hours of your appointment, and don't be afraid to bring a snack of your choice or a sugary treat! We also have some tricks up our sleeve in the studio to help bring your blood sugar back up should you faint. Don't worry, we got you!
  • Where do I park?
    We have a small parking lot on the south side of our building, marked with a "tattoo parking" sign, and street parking is available on West 45th Ave.
  • Do you require masks?
    As long as you're fully vaccinated, and haven't been exposed to anyone who is ill, no. However, we do require them in common areas, as it is at the artist's discretion whether it will be worn in the booth.
  • Can I bring a guest?
    We allow you to bring one guest as long as they're over the age of 16.
  • Do you do white ink tattoos?
    The process is significantly more difficult than black tattooing and has a low success rate. If you are willing to consent to the risks involved and make an appointment, Amber will provide white ink tattooing.
  • Do you tattoo hands, fingers or faces?
    Yes, if you are already considerably tattooed and are willing to take the risks involved with healing those areas. We do not make a practice of tattooing those areas on individuals as a first tattoo.
  • What do I need to get tattooed?
    You must be 18 or older, unless parental consent is available, and present a valid government or state ID displaying your photo and date of birth.
  • How do I take care of my tattoo with Saniderm?
    You have been fitted with a hospital grade bandage called Saniderm. If possible, this bandage can remain in place for 48 hours. It will keep your tattoo bacteria free, and safe from water and dirt damage. During these 48 hours, your tattoo will weep plasma and ink and be caught within. This is normal. Do not be alarmed, it may look blurry or like the colors are mixing, they are not. Avoid soaking in water longer than for showers. After the 48 hours, peel the bandage (with clean hands) from the corners towards the center of the tattoo. If it is very stuck, do this in the shower. Once the bandage is removed, use an antibacterial soap and wash the ink and sticky stuff away. Rinse clear. Pat your tattoo dry with a paper towel or allow it to air dry and use a very small amount of approved healing ointment or unscented lotion. This advanced bandage may speed up healing, but avoid all water sources other than a shower for at least 10 days, and major sun exposure for 10-14 days. Sun will hurt and a burn can make your tattoo heal poorly. If your bandage gets overly full of fluid, the fluid makes its way out, or it peels and exposes your tattoo, remove and begin aftercare immediately. DO NOT reapply a bandage.
  • How do I take care of my tattoo without Saniderm?
    You will need antibacterial Dial soap and fragrance-free lotion (Curel, Jergens, or Lubriderm). After 2-6 hours, remove your bandage and wash your hands. Then, wash the tattoo and surrounding area with antibacterial soap and water, and rinse until no residue. Allow your tattoo to air dry. DO NOT re-bandage your tattoo. Repeat the cleansing process the next day, but follow up with applying some unscented lotion to the area and rub it thoroughly. Always make sure your hands are clean before washing. Never touch your tattoo without washing your hands during the healing process. Repeat the cleansing and moisturizing process 2-3 times daily for approximately 2 weeks. Your tattoo will peel and flake. Do not be alarmed, this is normal to the healing process. Do not scratch or pick at your tattoo. Failure to follow these instructions could result in your touch ups not being gratis.
  • Why are your deposits non-refundable?
    Your deposit is a commitment to your tattoo. This deposit secures your time slot so we don't give it to another client, and partially compensates us for the time it takes to draw your design. Should you need to reschedule an appointment, 72 hours notice is required to retain your deposit, and you have 30 days to reschedule or it will be forfeit.
  • What if the tattoo I want is really small?

    While we book months in advance, we often schedule walk-in days for smaller and simpler designs*. Walk-in days are not regularly scheduled. To find out when our walk-in days are, feel free to call us during our business hours or inquire about them via our email at We also post our availability regularly on our Instagram @DearYouTattoo!

    *We accept smaller, simpler designs so as to accommodate to as many people as possible. If you're curious if the tattoo you're wanting is something we'd accept as a walk-in, you're welcome to come in during our business hours to discuss further.

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