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Hello! My name is Maegan Knapp formally known as Maegan Garvey. I can thank my geeky adorable husband of five years for that. Our spawn Magnus is three years old. My husband named him after a charter from a game called Ogre Battle. He has been our light in a dark world! I’ve worked at five shops prior to nesting and planting my roots at Dear You. I am honored to be working beside such talented and caring coworkers. I’ve been tattooing since 2010 and continue to learn more everyday. I have had the privilege to receive a bachelor in Fine Art and work with a diverse group of tattoo artist over the years. All of which I believe contributes to my versatility in tattooing. That, and the boredom of limiting myself to one style. I enjoy the challenge and transformation of coverups, color, black and gray, line work, animal portraits, stippling and fine lines. Subject matter anything nature, gothic and witchy. In my spare time I enjoy snuggling my son and husband. I have a little shop called Maes Crafts & Mementoes. I craft curio jars and sun catchers among many other things.

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