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Located in Kansas City, Kansas (Rosedale Neighborhood), we are a fresh take on a timeless industry. Dear You was founded by Amber Lea in 2017 for the purpose of providing a studio experience where client service and talent align. Every aspect of the studio, from the boutique feel to the consideration of each client, has been at the forefront for the build and growth of Dear You. In 2018 we have added natural henna, and eyebrow microblading.

Each artist specializes in custom tattoo work and will take time to design your one of a kind piece to ensure the best possible experience. You may call or walk-in for consultations during our regular business hours.

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    Tuesday - Saturday 12pm to 7pm
    Monday by appointment only.
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Whatever your preferred design is, you can count on our brilliant tattoo artists to give you exactly what you want. Our team specializes in custom and flash tattooing. Simply tell us what you want to be done, and we will do the rest. We love catering to appointments and walk-ins alike! You can call or drop by during normal business hours for a consultation.


Required Tattoo Consultation Information for your appointment with our artists

Permanent Makeup

Information and consultation information on permanent makeup services by Amber


Information, personal site and consultation information on Henna Services by Jason

Pre-Tattoo Service Information

A tattoo is a permanent application of ink to the skin. It can irritate the skin so be prepared to experience some level of discomfort.

Weeks before your tattoo session, consider the placement and the design. Lettering usually has to be larger than it is on paper so be sure the body part you have chosen has sufficient room. Do you have a medical condition that we should know about? Skin condition or epilepsy? We need to know these things to ensure you have a safe and succesful procedure. Consider your budget, and what you have scheduled around your tattoo. You should avoid working out for at least a couple of days, and major water exposure for 10-14 days.

Days before your tattoo session, make sure you are applying lotion to the area to be tattooed. Dry skin can make the procedure more painful and take longer to heal. Use something unscented and free of dyes, if possible. It is a good idea to get your soap and ointment/lotion that you plan to use prior to your tattoo to avoid having to go to the store immediately after your tattoo. We cannot tattoo on a rash, scratch or sunburn, so make sure you're cautious in the coming days before your appointment.

The day of your tattoo session, do not lotion or shave the site you have chosen for your tattoo. If you have very long hair, you may trim with electric clippers but not extremely close to the skin. Make sure you are not intoxicated or hung over; we reserve the right to refuse service. Please eat a good meal at least an hour prior to your appointment, and be well hydrated. This will not only make your procedure more pleasant but will also make your tattoo heal more quickly. Wear clothing to accommodate the artist but also, consider your comfort both in privacy and temperature.

Remember, no matter how superficial the tattoo process is, your new tattoo is a wound for a few days. Do not touch your new tattoo with dirty hands nor let anyone else touch your new tattoo. These things can lead to an infection. Avoid unneeded pressure and makeup for at least 10 days as well.

Please do not hesitate to ask your artist questions. We are happy to answer any questions or concerns.

We are able to tattoo minors with parental consent at the age of 16. We require that the minor and consenting parent/guardian have the same last names and addresses on their Identification or provide a birth certificate with both picture IDS. Print this waiver to have it notarized. If you are under 18, we cannot remove articles of clothing for a tattoo. This is for both the artist and client security. Click here to download our form.


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Tattoo Faqs

Commonly asked questions about tattoos and the tattooing process

  • Booking appointments requires an in person consultation. Consultations can be done by walk-in or appointment. Walk-in hours are Tuesday â�� Saturday 12pm â�� 6pm. To schedule a consultation please call 913-831-8833 or e-mail. If you choose to book an appointment with your preferred artist we will, then, take a small deposit to hold your appointment. The deposit will be applied to the cost of your tattoo at the time of service.

  • We only book appointments by consultation to ensure we have a clear idea of your vision. It, also, allows us to give you a proper price point and allows us to better understand placement and sizing.

  • Yes, we tattoo folks as young as 16 with parental consent and supporting documentation. Parents are required to be present during the consultation and during the time of service.

  • The process is significantly more difficult than black tattooing and has a low success rate. If you are willing to consent to the risks involved and make an appointment Amber will provide white ink tattooing.

  • Yes, if you are already considerably tattooed and are willing to take the risks involved with healing those areas. We do not make a practice of tattooing those areas on individuals as a first tattoo.

  • To be 18 or older, unless parental consent is available, with a valid government or state id with your photo and date of birth.

Microblading Faqs

Commonly asked questions about Microblading and the Microblading process

  • Microblading is a relatively new, manual method of using a group of fine needles to deposit pigment into the top layers of skin. This method creates a fine, crisp detail to enhance the appearance of eyebrows. Microblading is used for those who suffer from alopecia, other conditions that cause hairloss as well as people who are not happy with the natural appearance of their eyebrows. The pigments used are formulated to match your original eyebrow color and are meant to blend perfectly in to existing eyebrows. The results are typically a natural, fuller looking brow.

  • Ombre mimics the coverage of powdered, filled in eyebrows. The effect is a fade from dark to light, working from near the temple to near the nose. Some clients will be a good candidate for ombre even if they were a good candidate for microblading.

  • The results can vary depending on factors outside of the procedure. These factors revolve around skin type, darkness of body hair, aftercare, ability to heal, and personal care routines. During the consultation, we will discuss the overall potential of the procedure based on your personal pre-screening.

  • Pain is a part of any implementation of pigment. Every person will experience a different level of pain based on their personal tolerance. Most clients find the first pass tolerable, after which, we are able to use a lidocaine based numbing agent to help with continuing the procedure.

  • Absolutely. Sterilized, single use tools, disposable needles and supplies are used during the process.

  • Most clients will need a touch up between 6-10 weeks following the initial service. Within a week of your first procedure the color will fade significantly and can fade up to 50% within the 6 weeks following. This is an expected occurrence that allows you to make any small detail changes while the touch up is carried out.

  • The face sees more wear than any other part of the body. This happens because of exposure to the sun, foods, skin care routines and other factors. Each of these factors can have a varying weight on the over all healing process.

  • The procedure could take up to 3 hours in total.

  • Healing time varies from person to person. Generally it takes 7-10 days, but can take up to 14 days for complete healing.

  • Microblading is considered a semi-permanent procedure which allows flexibility for color and shape. Over time the pigment will fade, but we will work closely with you to ensure you are getting the service you want. If you are not 100% certain you would benefit from this service please continue to ask questions and research before you commit.

After Care Instructions

  • You have been fitted with a hospital grade bandage called Saniderm. If possible, this bandage can remain in place for 48 hours. It will keep your Tattoo bacteria free, and safe from water and dirt damage. During these 48 hours, your tattoo will weep plasma and ink and be caught within. This is normal. Do not be alarmed, it may look blurry or like the colors are mixing, they are not. Avoid soaking in water longer than for showers. After the 48 hours, peel the bandage (with clean hands) from the corners towards the center of the tattoo. If it is very stuck, do this is the shower. Once the bandage is removed, use an antibacterial soap and wash the ink and sticky stuff away. Rise clear. Pat your tattoo dry with a paper towel or allow it to air dry and use a very small amount of approved healing ointment or unscented lotion. This advanced bandage may speed up healing, but avoid all water sources other than a shower for at least 10 days, and major sun exposure 10-14. Sun will hurt and a burn can make your tattoo heal poorly. If your bandage gets overly full of fluid, the fluid makes itâ��s way out, or it peels and exposes your tattoo, remove and begin aftercare immediately. Do NOT reapply a bandage.

  • You will need antibacterial dial soap and fragrance-free lotion (Curel, Jergens, or Lubriderm). After 2-6 hours, remove your bandage and wash your hands. Then, wash the tattoo and surrounding area with antibacterial soap and water, and rinse until no residue. Allow your tattoo to air dry. Do NOT re-bandage your tattoo. Repeat the cleansing process the next day but follow with applying some unscented lotion to the area and rub in thoroughly. Always make sure your hands are clean before washing. Never touch your tattoo without washing your hands during the healing process. Repeat the cleansing and moisturizing process 2-3 times daily for approximately 2 weeks. Your tattoo will peel and flake. Do not be alarmed This is normal to the healing process. Do not scratch or pick at your tattoo. Failure to follow these instructions could result in your touch ups not being gratis.